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NRA-TC1       Being a National Rifle Association Instructor is an awesome responsibility. Not everyone can be an NRA Certified Instructor.You are responsible for training students to the precise standards set forth by the NRA. These Instructor Courses are not to train you in any discipline, that is, we do not teach you how to shoot a Pistol, Rifle or Shotgun. As an Instructor you are expected to already have expert skills and then be trained to teach students those skills using the time tested NRA standards recognized throughout the United States and around the world as the Gold Standard for Firearms Training.

    These Instructor courses are to make you the best trainer bar none. As such there will be a number of Pre-Qualifications needed before you can attend an NRA Instructor course. Included in these Pre-Qualifications is a Questionnaire and both a Pre-Qualification Practical and Written exam based on basic knowledge that must be passed (>80%) before being accepted into a chosen discipline to become an NRA Certified Instructor.

     While being provided every opportunity to succeed, like any other higher learning endeavor, payment of fees does not guarantee passage and Certification as an NRA Instructor. These are performance based courses with a set of standards to be met in order to pass. Your final course exam, which is Open Book, must have a score of 90% or above to pass with a Certification. However, we have a 96% success or pass rate for our Instructor Candidates. If you have the skills needed we hope you consider the rewarding duty of teaching others too. Please call if you have any questions about these NRA Instructor Certifications Courses.

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Need more Information – use the handout below listing all our NRA Instructor Courses, Requirements, Procedures and Policies. Let us know if you need any questions answered after reading it.

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